Why AUTORQ is better?

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A ready-to-go system to get you on the market faster

The market moves quickly in the electric bicycle industry. It is essential for a business not to waste time and energy on sourcing and testing different components to no avail. Spending valuable resources to search for the cheapest component from a little known factory far away is false economy. We work with quality component suppliers directly to provide you with a complete, high-quality electric bike system that represents the best value so that your product can be on the market in time.

Make your products and sell your brand

The AUTORQ system is complete yet customisable to the needs of your project. Our components do not carry branding colours that clash with your brand identity. Our white label app with your branding will remind your customers every day when they ride their bikes why they chose your brand over a generic electric bike system.



Detect and diagnose eventual problems remotely 24/7

Being a good electric bike manufacturer means selling good quality electric bikes and providing great service. With AUTORQ, you can do that easily and with less investment outlay. With the mobile app, not only can you diagnose problems remotely, but also prevent problems before your customers even know about it. You can choose to handle your aftersales in-house for a personal touch or make use our 24/7 live agents so you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

Be proactive and react fast to save time and have happy customers!

Waterproof torque sensor for a problem-free smooth ride

A torque sensor makes a world of difference to the ride feel and control of an electric bike. It allows the efficient use of the battery and provides valuable data on the different user behaviours. The AUTORQ torque sensor is accurate, precise and robust. It can be completely submerged in water and still work perfectly.



Our system components are EN15194 ready

All our components are ISO 13849 certified. You know what that means. You are ready to go!

We are a European company

We are registered in Talinn and based in Paris. We speak English, French and Mandarin. It is as easy for us to come to you in Europe as it is you to come to us.

Wouldn’t you love to say, “I am going to Paris for business?”



The AUTORQ system is simply the best value

You can analyse the rest of the market. We did and we strongly believe that in terms of value, performance and quality, we are better. We are not joking nor delusional, just honest!