What’s in AUTORQ?


Mobile App

The AUTORQ app is a well-designed and user-friendly white label app ready for your branding. It connects seamlessly with the bike and is an important touchpoint with the user for your brand.


AUTORQ Torque Sensor

The AUTORQ torque sensor is accurate, precise and robust. It is waterproof, provides an amazing ride feel and creates an efficient electric bike. The data collected from the user effort will provide you with valuable insights for future products.



The most expensive component that requires the most careful selection. All battery parameters are communicated and stored in the database. Reliable batteries made in top-class production facilities are essential for your peace of mind as you focus on your growing business.

Cloud Database

The AUTORQ cloud database uses a secure server and does not connect personally identifiable information with the data collected. The database is designed to be efficient for storing and displaying large amounts of data quickly.


AUTORQ Bluetooth Module

The AUTORQ Bluetooth module is the heart of the system where the magic happens. It connects to various components with data communication and does so in a cost-effective manner. There is no need for cables, specialised equipment nor monthly cellular subscription fees.



We have a range of motors for your every need. Powerful, quiet and efficient. From front hub motors to rear hub motors to mid-drive motors to suit every design and every market.

Online Dashboard

The AUTORQ online dashboard is designed with both manufacturer and user in mind. It is designed to be streamlined so that you can see a comprehensive set of data within an easy to use interface.



The motor controller is intelligent, reliable, configurable and powerful. It has many intelligent features and parameters for configurability. It is powerful and has an extremely very low defect rate on the market.


HMI display

The HMI display is an important industrial design product as it is the physical point of interaction between the user and the bike. You can choose to work with one of our partners or bring in your own partner as we can work with almost any communication standard and protocol.